Julius Gabriel (*1988 in Berlin) is a saxophonist, composer and improviser dedicating himself to the universal power of music. 

He develops music for soprano, tenor and baritone saxophone. His solo works can be subdivided into different exploratory fields with fluid borders. The acoustic saxophone is informed by a variety of compositional techniques and driven by jazz and free improvisation. The microphonic saxophone explores movement, repetition and hypnosis, while the electric saxophone is an immersive sound experience that is reinforced by bass and guitar amplifiers and that can reach from ambient to harsh noise.

He is an active collaborator that co-founded a variety of bands such as the large improvisation ensemble Das große Ding in 2012, the poetic punk jazz group Das Behälter in 2013, the psychedelic noise jazz quartet Blutiger Jupiter in 2014, the telepathic reed duo About Angels and Animals in 2015, the trance force Paisiel in 2016 and the jazzcore band Ikizukuri in 2016. 

He is a member of the Blue Shroud Band from the influential bassist and composer Barry Guy and plays as well under his direction with the London Jazz Composers Orchestra. In those orchestras he plays next to outstanding musicians such as Savina Yannatou, Agustí Fernandez, Benjamin Dwyer, Ramón López, Lucas Niggli, Maya Homburger, Torben Snekkestad, Conny Bauer, Barre Phillips, Phil Wachsmann and many more. 

Furthermore he had the chance to share the stage with legendary musicians such as Gunter Hampel, FM Einheit, Caspar Brötzmann and Guy One and to be a member of the large sound collective The Dorf.

In the field of free improvised music he played with musicians such as Fabian Jung, Elisabeth Coudoux, Nicola Hein, Constantin Herzog, Luís Lopes, Susana Santos Silva, Hanna Schörken, Karl-F, Degenhardt, Gustavo Costa, Gonçalo Almeida, Michael Griener, Paul Lytton, Nathan Bontrager, Simon Camatta, Matthias Muche, Sebastian Gramss, Florian Zwißler, Ryan Carniaux, Marcelo dos Reis, Brad Henkel, Jan Klare, Florian Walter, Niklas Wandt and many more. 

From experimental to pop, rock, metal, jazz and electronica he worked as a recording artist and/or performer with artists such as Névoa, Sereias, Solar Corona, Glockenwise, Emmy Curl, Stabil Elite, Konfetti Klub Ensemble, 2kilos &More, Schneider Collaborations and Michael Valentine West.

As a musical director for dance pieces he worked with choreographer Luísa Saraiva.