Lovers & Lollypops 2018

The Music of Julius Gabriel is driven by the idea of sound as a universal, transformative and uplifting power. In Dream Dream Beam Beam, his debut solo album, the German saxophonist organizes his idiosyncratic musical influences in order to create a flowing mantra of walls of sound, circulated patterns, overtone cascades, screaming feedbacks, psychedelic tunes and ferocious saxophone calls. The seven pieces are based on the exploration of the saxophone as an electrified instrument being triggered by electronics and boosted by amplifiers. Like a flight with the wind into the universe, raving through a jungle of mirrors and ending up in the chasm of the aether.

Echonomy Split Series #1

by Julius Gabriel & Benjamin Whitehill

Julius Gabriel - Live At Black Box

Tenor Saxophone / Electronics


Benjamin Whitehill - The Month Of January 

Electronics (mixer feedback) / Percussion (mainly saucepan) / Field Recordings

ONLINE RELEASES (not on label):

The Collected Saxophone Etudes are a compilation of solo improvisations I recorded in the past seven years. They reach from recordings in a foyer in 2011 to the most recent ones from my living room in 2017. 

Julius Gabriel - soprano, tenor & baritone saxophone


My Intergalactic Spaceship called MIGSS is an vehicle, which I built myself to lift me up to the sonorous world of the cosmos. Travelling into the cosmos is from big importance to experience joy. Streams of sound to trip through a dark abyss to the ultimate center of the cosmos.

Julius Gabriel - electronics


Raum Ist Der Ort is a compilation of recordings from 2015 and 2016, a period in which I dug deeper into researching the entanglement of the saxophone with effect pedals, electronics and amplifiers.

Julius Gabriel - saxophone / FX